Live Natively Foundation

Who We Are
Live Natively is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization devoted to reminding people about the importance of our planet. We create places within communities for families and friends to gather and learn about the native elements of the world. From growing sustainable plants, to learning how to follow the North Star when lost, to learning how different cultures use plants for holistic care – Our goal is to help in the aid of a cleaner and greener world starting with understanding.

What’s the Problem?
Today too many people are taking the world for granted. While more buildings are being built to fit a larger human civilization, all other life form is becoming eliminated. From tree life and plant life to animal life, this type of elimination is throwing off our ecosystem. Currently, our planet is in the midst of what science says is an unprecedented rate of change, unlike anything seen in tens of millions of years. Overconsumption, unsustainable practices, and the release of immense amounts of greenhouse gases from the burning of fossil fuels are altering our life-sustaining climate at a dangerous pace. Oceans are acidifying and losing oxygen, and species are dying off. It has only begin that we are starting to experience the pain of our ways from the massive increase of fires, decrease in water supply, and global warming. However, it is not too late, all of this can be reversed and we can let the ecosystem know we understand it and we are willing to help.

Our Solution
To remind people that we as humans need to take our place in this ecosystem and work together as one as it is intended to work. We create botany, cultural, and planetary learning centers for all ages. Come plant fruits, nuts, vegetables, and more! Once your plant of choice has harvested, trade with other growers or take home to enjoy. Explore weekly and monthly classes surrounding topics such as the earth, animals, stars, culture, and buildings. Again, our goal is to help in the aid of a cleaner and greener world starting with understanding.

Why Skincare?
Skincare is only a start. Once people realize that the simplest ingredients keep our body healthy, that mentality will spill into our everyday activities – eating clean, driving energy efficient cars, the avoidance of littering, and more.
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