Aloe Vera Body Lotion

Anoki Aloe Vera Body Lotions

Available in 6 different scents

Additional Ingredients In All Scents:

Rosemary, neem, sunflower, white willow bark,

MSM, jojoba, coconut, rooibos, and olive.

This scent is minty, camphorous with an earthy

undertone and contains some hints of the forest.


Eucalyptus and Sage Body Lotion is infused with eucalyptus and sage. This lotion boost skin ceramide production, increases collagen, has both a natural insect repellent and natural antiseptic.

This scent is fruity (without ripe citrus) and warm,

with hints of honey and carries a light touch of vanilla.


Honeysuckle Body Lotion is infused with honey and honeysuckle. This lotion helps improve uneven skin tone, get rid of skin dullness, promotes skin moisture, reduces inflammation and itching, and has antimicrobial agents.

This scent is a sweet vanilla with a touch of

warm hay, gentle aroma.


Sweetgrass Body Lotion is infused with sweetgrass. This lotion boost healing, reduces skin water loss, brightens complexion, and improves your skin's barrier function.

This scent is a sweet spicy smell resembling

meadow honey, with fruity notes.


Wild Rose Body Lotion is infused with wild rose. This lotion aids in collagen repair, maintains your skin's pH balance, brightens skin, promotes cell renewal, and relieves skin redness.

This scent has fresh top notes of grapefruit and juniper with a deep base of oakmoss, amber, and bergamot. This fragrance has a sensuous and timeless scent perfect for both men and women.


Original Body Lotion is infused with oak, amber, and bergamont. This lotion fades dark spots and stretch marks, heals burns, hydrates skin, and stimulates fibroblast for collagen production.

This scent has a camphor-like smell that is light, fresh and floral.


Lavender Body Lotion is infused with lavender. This lotion helps reduce skin discoloration, soothes the nervous system, combats acne, contains wound healing properties, and gives skin a natural glow.

Time to level up your skincare & not only see, but feel the difference with our aloe vera body lotion.